Mortgage Protection

Relieve your family of the financial burden with an insurance policy that would cover your mortgage

Whether you purchase a new home, make sure you don’t lose your biggest investment if you get sick, disabled, or die. As your mortgage protection expert we make sure you and your loved ones don’t lose your home.

By checking into mortgage protection insurance in Glendale and Phoenix, you can ensure that you and your family have the right protection.

How does mortgage protection insurance work
How does mortgage protection insurance work?

When a co-signer dies, mortgage protection insurance pays out the remaining mortgage payments. Term life insurance and mortgage protection insurance work similarly. During the period of coverage, you buy the policy, pay the premiums, and the coverage ends.

The beneficiaries of the policy will receive a death benefit if they die during the term of the policy. Although mortgage protection insurance is similar to term life insurance, the following are some key differences:

  • Your policy beneficiary is the mortgage company or lender, not your family.
  • A decreasing death benefit amount is similar to a decreasing term life insurance policy over time as your mortgage payments increase. Term life insurance usually has level benefits.

Our mortgage protection agent will guide you through the entire process when you hire us for mortgage protection.

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This type of policy covers you for declining amounts as the value of your home declines over time. There is no hard sell involved inour processes adopted for
mortgage protection in Phoenix or Glandale. You get unbiased advice from licensed mortgage protection agent.

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