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We have been helping our clients establish and manage trusts for many years with our Estate Planning Solution

A living trust is among several ways to avoid probate-the legal process to determine whether a will is valid-and may offer advantages in both the before-death and after-death cases. We will guide you one question at a time through everything you need to do.

To meet your specific needs, our expert team will ensure that you create a perfect Estate Plan So, when you you plan to create a living trust in Glendale AZ, or Phoinix AZ, just give us a call.

Why do you need a living trust
Why do you need a living trust?

You can’t take your life’s work and wealth with you, but you can define how you want it to continue to benevolently benefit the people and causes you love and care about.

Trust isn’t just for ultra-wealthy families or those with complex holdings. The creation of a trust can assist older parents with special needs children who require long-term care as adults; small business owners who want to ensure a smooth transition; and those looking to leave charities and organizations a legacy.

While you cannot take your life’s work and wealth with you, you can decide how it should continue to benefit the people and causes you cherish and care about through trust. If you want to know more about starting off with a living trust in Phoinix AZ or Glandale, contact us.

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